Student Management Committees

A distinguishing feature of the learning experience at Him Jyoti is the SMC programme. This is an innovative leadership training programme, where every student learns and practises the basic tenets of management and is provided a training ground for basic skills in leadership and cooperation.

Here at Him Jyoti we seek not only to educate children but prepare them as leaders at home, in the workplace, the community and the society.

  • Each of the four Houses has eight Committees:
  • Campus Maintenance
  • Dorm Committee
  • Assembly Committee
  • Inter House Activities
  • Fine Arts
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Games and Physical Fitness
  • Library and Literary
  • Every student holds the position of President, Secretary or Member of the Committee to which she belongs, for one term. Positions and Committees are changed every term, so each student gets a chance to preside over meetings, record minutes, write action taken reports, carry out peer assessment exercises etc.

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