• To carry forward the vision by generating awareness for need for such ventures and raising funds to sustain the school.
  • To plan and outreach program in order to contact deserving families and make available quality education to a large group of such students.
  • To put in place a child friendly testing procedure to identify deserving students in the state.
  • To put in place appropriate academic systems for curriculum planning, teaching, co-curriculum activities, assessment, reporting to parents and sponsors.

  • To put in place adequate systems for health-care and hygiene, value based education through “LEARNING by DOING” as part of the Student Management Committees (SMCs), e learning for “Life Long Learning”, Hobby Centre, Vocational Education, sports and games, cultural activities, fine arts and crafts, leisure and entertainment, medical back up and referral tie up and procedures for evaluation and reporting to parents and sponsors.
  • To put in place a program for monitoring and training the academic and other staff for the special requirements of a good caring boarding school.
  • To identify adequate back-up and hand-holding systems to take the vision forward.
  • To give support to students to make appropriate transition from secondary to tertiary education after completing school.

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